Welcome to the 88Loid's Website!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome to the 88Loid's Website!

AIKO: Irashaimasen! =D Hai hai, watashi Aiko188 des! =3 Welcome to the official website for the 88Loids!

KURO: But it's a blog...=A=

AIKO: Shut up you! Anyways, here's the list of the current 88Loids! =D

KURO: Hi, name's Kurone Seikakuiro. I'm Aiko's favourite and main UTAU. *gives you the emotionless face* I'm number 'KN-188'. My ACT1 voice bank (without oto.ini) can be found here and my current ACT2 can be found here.

SHIRO: Hajimemaste! I'm Kurone's younger brother Shirone! *smiles* I'm also onee-san's younger genderbend. Set either her voice banks to g-18 to get me! My number is 'SN-288'.

GRAY: 'Sup, I'm Kurone's older brother and genderbend, Gureine or you can just call me Gray. *cool face, B-)* Number's 'GN-388'. To get my aweso- *Aiko Chop!* ow! I mean my voice, set Kurone to g+18.

AIKO: And here are the newest ones I'm planing! =D

NIR: Come on Nel. *grabs Nel and makes her stand still* Seriously, you might be a loli but your still 16...Oh, hey! I'm Nir Urane, 16 and the younger one. My voice is still in the recording stage but I still have a number, it's 'NI-488'.

NEL: Hai hai! I'm Nel Urane! I'm older than Nir even if I don't look like it! *loli smile* My voice isn't done yet, (wihspers: Becaused of that damned creator of ours. *Aiko Chop!* Itai!) and my number's 'NE-488'!

AIKO: Okay! That's enough for now! =D You can visit my dA for some of their picture! My Youtube channel is where I upload them singing! Please go have a peak! Ja na!

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  1. Haru:YO! GRAY!! my voice is hell better then yours 8D