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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

06/03/2013 Update!

Well, I'm keeping up with this I guess but I seriously need to make it on a proper date xD ok anyways, on to this week's updates!

And since I don't have ANY video updates, I'll move on to concept updates (it's all I have for you people sob)

|| Inumi's hairstyle and bits of his outfit had been changed (not like I've uploaded any of his picture to the net yet tho)
|| Chiyo Utamura's (Chiba's GB) first video should be coming up soon but Aiko is seriously busy and can't find the time to fix up her concept and draw a picture for her yet
|| After Kurone's HiTAM Append, Aiko plans on making another VB for her but is unsure if she should do a VCV or a language VB (preferably either Chinese or Cantonese and maybe even Korean)

And that's all I guess for this week's updates! Q7Q Sorry for the little updates OTL I'm really busy this year and will be even busier next year but the year after that...well I don't know yet. But anyways, see y'all next week! >3<

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

26/02/2013 UPDATE!

OMG I haven't updated this blog since like...2011? xD Anyway, I'm back with a newly refurbished 88Loids blog! Also I think I'll TRY to update this place like every week (you know how Aiko is with these things) and also try to update you as much as possible on current UTAU related stuffs.

PS. The videos are in OLDEST to NEWEST order. (Also these are videos from this and a bit from last year only.)

This week's updates:
|| Chiba's BLADE Append is still WIP but I got most of his notes/voices/files oto-ed
|| 've mixed quite a lot of covers for Kurone but haven't had time to draw covers for them
|| Kurone's HiTAM Append will probably not be finished anytime soon
|| New UTAUloid, Inumi Anone is confirmed to be in progress (in the design aspect lol)

This week's videos:

Thanks to athilove101 for using Kurone!

Also, thank you ikahueki for using both Kurone and Chiba in this!

Another thanks to Fei for covering Unhappy Refrain with the KKK Trio!

She also made Chiba and Lemon sing "Invisible"!

And a million thank yous to Lin who used Kurone in my favourite classical song IN MY LIFE Q7Q

Lin also mixed a ChibaLin cover of "The Highschool Girl Next to Me"!

Last but not least, a big thank you to Arisa for helping with Kurone's ACT3 and this beautiful cover and the fantastic demo~

That's it for this week's update xD The following weeks won't be as long (since I don't post videos weekly and stuff) but please look forward to it!